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We serve our community through more ways than one.

The strength of a community relies heavily on the actions of the people & businesses that call that community their "home." GSF strives to help those in need through participating in community service activities throughout the year. We believe that the more we put into our communities, the more they will flourish and grow.

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We are committed to giving back to the community


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2017 Charity of
Choice: Poverello

GSF hosted a beautiful gala for our 2017 Charity of Choice. Poverello House. Through this wonderful night of fine dining & dancing, we were able to raise $30,000 for this wonderful Fresno charity.


Our team has partnered with the City of Fresno to revitalize communities in the area that need some extra love. Through trash pick-ups, fence facelifts, and cleaning of the shrubs & greenery, the GSF team has touched up several communities in the Fresno area. We are excited to see what we can accomplish in 2019!

Kids Day

Every year, GSF Team Members camp out to reserve Fresno's best & busiest street corners to collect donations for the children receiving treatment at Valley Children's Hospital. During 2018's Kids Day, GSF raised more than $7,000 for the hospital, and we hope to raise even more in 2019.

Marjaree Mason
Women in Business

This year, GSF sponsored the Marjaree Mason Women in Business Luncheon. We pride ourselves in supporting women in the workforce, and love to give back to organizations that stand strong behind professional women in the community.